The concept “AutiServices” is aimed at helping autistic persons to provide their own services as “free lance”, in order to have decent jobs with their own adaptations, instead of waiting eternally that enterprises consider hiring them.

  • If you are autistic, here you can have your own basic website as “Autistic Service Provider”, including an internal Project Manager which can help you in your works, collaborations, communications etc., and – in the future – a billing system, and more.
    We cannot handle the administrative (legal) matters, nor taxes matters (which can vary according to the countries’ regulations), but given that, being an autistic person, you will certainly need help about that, we will try to organize that with, with the help of volunteers.

  • If you are in the need of services, we hope to have, in the future, enough “Autistic Service Providers” here to make a directory with various categories.

Autistic Service Providers